Alexa Resetar, TLLP

As a recent graduate of the Michigan School of Psychology’s Master of Arts program, I approach my work with clients through a holistic lens. I believe that every individual has a unique and complex history that informs the way in which they walk through the world. I aim to empower my clients in discovering their authentic selves and inherent strengths, as well as cultivating a life full of meaning and hope.

Having been a competitive swimmer for seventeen years, I constantly battled with the pressure of meeting the high expectations of others as well as my own. I understand the difficulty and gravity of asking for help, especially when the stakes seem high. Throughout my athletic and academic career, I often struggled with advocating for myself, much to my detriment. I knew that I wanted to make a change, and that resulted in the often hard work of being comfortable with vulnerability. I was certain that I wanted to help others suffering in silence as well, which led me to pursuing a career as a mental health care provider.

I am currently continuing my education at the Michigan School of Psychology, and am pursuing my doctoral degree in clinical psychology. I have experience working with athletes, trauma, eating disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders, and autism spectrum disorder at residential, partial, and outpatient levels. I firmly believe a path to recovery is possible for everyone, and I welcome the opportunity to provide knowledge, insight, and hope for all those seeking support.