Hello! I’m Mariam (she/her/hers), a Registered Dietitian with a background in clinical and non-clinical settings and levels of care. 

I discovered my passion for food and nutrition early on in childhood, growing up in different parts of the world and being exposed to different cuisines, food cultures and food beliefs. I was fascinated by the idea that something so pleasurable could influence our health, our mood, in so many ways. 

Once I settled in the US, I went on to receive my Masters in Nutrition Counseling from Immaculata University in Pennsylvania. I started my career in a hospital setting, with the goal of solidifying my Medical Nutrition Therapy skills, while also providing weight management/healthy eating education and counseling services in the corporate and fitness world.

It was very early on in my career in all those setting, that I realized the harm the diet industry had caused: “healthy” eating was so often confused with the latest fad diet and “good/bad” food rules. 

I found particularly with so many women, that years of chronic dieting had disrupted their inborn hunger/fullness cues, and their sense of worth was firmly tied with their sense of weight status. While I believed healthy eating was primarily about enjoying a wide variety of foods, I soon discovered most of my clients had so much guilt around eating, they had lost the sense of food pleasure. 

 In search of a more effective way to help my clients, I discovered Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch’s Intuitive Eating book, and felt a deep connection with the book’s philosophy of honoring our bodies and our bodies’ cues. 

Since then, my career has mainly focused on the areas of weight and body image, and for the past 15 years, I’ve worked as the lead Campus Dietitian at University of Delaware’s Student Health Services, working with students of all ages and backgrounds, including athletes, recreational exercisers, adolescents, adults, and international students from all over the world.

I provide evidence-based nutritional counseling for those with a history of chronic dieting, weight and/or food preoccupation, compulsive overexercising/exercise addiction, disordered eating behaviors, and eating disorders of all diagnoses. 

My approach is a compassionate, all-weight inclusive, non-diet philosophy, with an emphasis on intuitive eating and mindfulness to normalize eating habits and promote food freedom and inner peace. I am passionate about helping others let go of external food rules, discover a more peaceful relationship with eating, based on honoring their bodies’ cues, and  seeking the joy in physical movement.