Nutritional Support for Eating Disorder Recovery 

Bite by bite, one plate at a time, recovery is conquered.

meal support

Nutritional Support is offered both individually and as a group through an intuitive eating and health at every size lens. MYBody uses the philosophy that all food fits, and are here to help you navigate your relationship with food and healing.

Nutritional support individually and within the group setting for eating disorder recovery is facilitated by a registered dietary nutritionist who provides emotional support during meal times, focused specifically on helping the patient to consume the foods on their meal plan and redirecting behaviors that sabotage eating and recovery. Significant recovery work takes place during meals, including exposure to challenging foods (fear foods) and the unlearning of conditioned eating disorder behaviors (restriction, slow eating, deconstructing food, cutting food into tiny pieces, taking tiny bites, emotional eating, binge eating, food rules or food policing, etc.). During meals, irrational thoughts about food and how it works with one’s body can be confronted with reality-based ideas, again confronting the eating disorder. Goals are set as a patient joins meal group, and recovery based objectives are focused on during each meal to provide the patient with the most impactful and sustainable support.

For more information or to sign up for nutritional support contact the MYBody team:

Call (248) 537-2639 or email [email protected]