Telehealth therapy is a secure, HIPAA compliant video conferencing method, that allows you to meet with your therapist remotely when in person sessions are inaccessible. MYBody has been using telehealth therapy since it’s founding, and since the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted all services over to this platform for the safety and wellbeing of all. Telehealth allows for creative healing solutions interventions, reduction of barriers (transportation, mobility, access to our office space), and makes therapy accessible right where you are.

MYBody has a HIPAA compliant account with Zoom, which uses encryption and password protection to keep your private health information safe. We are currently accepting new clients for individual therapy. Our groups: meal support, Dialectical behavior therapy, Radically Open Dialectical Behavior therapy, yoga therapy, and ANAD: Eating disorder support group are also available online.

Why are we doing Telehealth therapy?

Telehealth therapy allows for you and your therapist to meet for continuity of care while honoring the public health guidelines (social distancing, stay at home order) aimed at protecting you, us and the community. As we do not have a timeline for the events unfolding in our world, we encourage you to consider utilizing these sessions for healing, support, navigation of increased mental distress (depressive or anxiety symptoms), grief and loss healing, and management of overall wellness.

Telehealth therapy is extremely similar to in person therapeutic services since you and your therapist will be virtually face to face. Studies show Telehealth sessions to be equally as effective as being in person. Love research and want to see the data? Feel free to ask!

MYBody’s telehealth therapy platform allows for your therapist to send you documents/worksheets and create a similar environment and treatment plan as before.

Nutritional support can happen in your own kitchen! You are now able to take your dietitian with you grocery shopping or have support with real time exposures to help further facilitate your eating disorder recovery.

Telehealth therapy sessions can be done anywhere there is an internet connection. Use of headphones, sitting in the car, the driveway, patio or even a closet/bathroom/room with a door can be options if your house is full! We can help you find and create a safe space that accessible to you.

What to do to prepare for session?

Create a free ZOOM account by clicking here:

– Find a quiet with a good internet connection
– Set up your phone, tablet, or laptop a few feet away from you.
– Make sure the device is stationary.
– Get comfortable
– Have anything you may need close by (ex: water, snack, Kleenex, headphones, fidget toys).